We have developed a concept of charging stations that are placed in stores and service establishments.



What is Laddapp?

In a time when we get more and more dependent on our smartphones, availability and access to a full battery have never been more important, a low battery percent in your phone could be a very big problem when practically your hole life is inside your phone. Statistics show that during the past years not only are more people getting a smartphone, we also use our phones considerably more often.

The increasing availability of smartphones allows most people to always have an internet connection right in their pockets and bring it with them everywhere they. This has made us used to always having a constant access to internet and social media which have become an important tool in our everyday lives. But a constant connection requires a constant access to a full battery and for many people a day on the run, without the possibility of charging your phone is a big problem.


Laddapp therefore combines two needs:

Individuals who have a low battery percent in their phones gets the opportunity to charge their batteries and stores, service facilities and public places receives more customers in their premises and can offer them a free of charge and much appreciated service.


We cover three areas


Stores gets to offer their customers a value in the form of a new and free service, which simultaneously makes their visits last longer. They also open up to an expanded customer base since each store with a laddapp station can be locate with laddapps own free app.


Service Facilities such as hospital clinics, dentists and fitness centers who wants to strengthen their customer relationships and offer their members / customers a security and a solution on a today growing problem - low battery percent in their phones.


Public places such as waiting areas, airports and malls get the chance to offer their visitors a place to load their batteries, which will give them a more appreciated and longer visit.


Our charging stations could be made in different designs and we can also make the stations equipped with light boxes or monitors that displays advertisements and other information.


Interested in your own Laddapp?

Please contact us for a quotation on a custommade charging station for your business!


Our app can be downloaded free of charge for iPhone and Android in the AppStore and Google Play, with our app you can find your nearest charging station!

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